Ново Веб камера LDK L9 720p

Веб камера LDK L9 720p

  • Шифра на производот: 1998
  • Расположливост: На залиха
  • 1.299,00


- Compatible with USB2.0, USB3.0.
- Automatic white balance, automatic color correction.
- Digital Signal Processing Chip: No driver
- Video formats: MJPEG, YUY2
- Image sensor: CMOS 1 / 2.7 Large chip
- Lens: High-quality 6-layer glass lens
- Frame Rate: 30 fps
- Length: 140cm
- Size: 7.5x9x4.5cm

1. Auto focus speed, high sensitivity, intelligent, Support 720P video call, smooth photo, frame rate can reach 30FPS.
2. 6 layer glass coated lens, high precision, no distortion of the picture.
3. Built-in noise canceling microphone Make your conversation clearer
6. Up and down 30 degrees adjustable, can be stably placed on the desktop and clamped to the display
Resolution: 1280x720